Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What is depression anyway?

Dead Poets Society was a very nice and touchy movie. And it was my first movie that I've had watched in the Cinema when I was 9 years old. It's a very inspiring movie. The most important person on that movie was Robin Williams.

And today, this morning, I've been surprised with a very sad news. One of the funniest man alive was found dead yesterday. I'm sad, yes definitely sad. I just cannot believe one of my favorite actor was so desperately tragic found dead. According from his publicist, Robin suffered from depression, though he would not confirm the reports that the death was suicide. 

What is depression anyway? It is a real illness, the serious one. People who have depression must cure themselves. We cannot label them as a 'crazy or freak people'. We just have to support them, and always feel that they are really exist and normal like it used to. If you search about depression, you will find : is physiolological of the central nervous system that can result in loss of consciousness. 

It's quite ironic, when you know that Robin Williams was a very good actor and always cheers us with his smile, his acts, and his voice. Meanwhile, he cannot cheered himself.

So long Mr. Robin Williams, may you always rest in peace. 

"People do not die from suicide, they die from sadness"

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