Sunday, August 17, 2014


Today, finally I finished my #14daysofzespri challenge. As my previous posted before, I promised to myself I will consume Kiwi fruit for about 2 weeks. Started from 4th August 2014. And today, I'm done with it. 
After I had consumed Kiwi fruit for these days, I felt the power of the healthiness. Yeah!

  • I feel my face skin more plumped and fresh
  • I feel more healthier.
  • Stabilizing my weight.
  • My body is more lighter.
  • And off course, I'm having this good digestion for sure.
So, am I only consume Kiwi fruit for these 2 weeks? Well, I think I'm start to think it will be my healthy routine. Besides Apple, Grapes and Bananas, Kiwi is my fruit list. More healthy and happy with Kiwi! :)

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