Saturday, August 2, 2014

Quality time

"One of life's most simple pleasures is, 
 spending time with those we love"
-Ash Sweeney-

Today I spent my day with my parents. We went to Plaza Indonesia just to had a coffee afternoon. Actually, this thing is one of my (almost) weekend routine with my parents (even when I was still single). Sometimes also with Krishna. I don't know, but I just feel like I always want to make them happy and forget all of their crazy boredom things. I'm sure they are also happy everytime we go to the mall, or just having some lunch  and dinner together.

 I'm the youngest in my family, so I just feel like I will always be their baby girl. Off course, I also missed our time together with my sister and brother when we all not marry yet. Sometimes I wish that I could turn back the time. Spending another time with mom, dad, sister and brother. Just the five of us. 

I guess I'm just longing about the things we used to did. :)

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