Sunday, July 13, 2014

Stop complaining!

Lately issues are the World Cup 2014 and also the Election for the new President and the Assistant President. For me, the second one is more important. The election is for the future. A good men and a good women have a right to choose. Because we are the national people. Once, I read in my friend status about how he "don't fucking care!" about the election. Because the reason is "Those people cannot do their works well". I tell you what my dear friend, to manage this Country is the most hardest thing that a person can do. It's not a simple thing like you write a status on your Path or something. It is a hard job! And it's not funny when you posted a photo about how you chose and 'coblos' the two candidates faces. Where is your empathy and your respect for this Country? Sorry to say, but you are so shallow. And no doubt in my mind, I unfollowed you as my friend list.

Before you judge something, make sure you are perfect. And if you are complaining, you are the one who must find the solution. If you cannot have the solution, then stop complaining and whining! Thank you. 

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