Monday, July 14, 2014

Hello, make up..

"Beneath the makeup and behind the smile,
 I am just a girl who wishes for the world".
 -Marylin Monroe- 

A real woman always wanna feel beautiful and sophisticated. It's not always about the face, but also the heart and the attitude. Inner beauty comes when our heart feels happy and comfortable itself. But having a really truly nice looking face, is a 'bonus'. 

I'm a type of woman who's not that into make up. I am more a 'beauty things' like soaps, lotions, lip balms, and nail polish. But lately, I fell in love with make ups. Especially the natural and the light one. For days, I used to wear a moisturizer, compact powder, natural eye shadows, blush one, and natural lipstick. Sometimes when my lipstick fading, I retouch it with lip balm :).

Here's a tiny bit make ups that I have :

  • I'm using Oil of Olay for moisturize my dry skin face. It's a vert light moisturizer and also cheap. Sometimes, I also using this BB cream from Baby Pink Mineral Cream, that I bought in Japan. It has a very flawless color. Makes my skin glowing but also natural. Love it!

  • If I used the Olay moisturizer, than I used the Revlon Compact natural color. Because it's more patch the color. But if I used the BB Baby Pink, then I also used the BB Baby Pink Compact. It's a very tiny package. If I go to the party, I used this powder from NARS. 

  • I also using this creme eye shadows from Revlon. I like the peach one, makes my eyes more brighter. I have this new eye shadows from H&M that my sister in law bought me. It has a glittery colors, pastel and also matte. I'm sure I am gonna need this to the party.

  • I love using a pencil eye liner from Revlon, NYX and a black mascara from H & M. I chose the pencil eye liner because it's more stay longer then the liquid one.

  • I'm using this pink blush on from Revlon. Because makes my cheeks looks blushing and nice. I don't know why, but I just love Revlon.

  • As I said it a few times, I am so into lip balms. I love the the fruity one, the vanilla one, the shea butter one, and the chocolate one. I think lip balms makes my lip more healthier. I also using this lip scrub from The Bath Box. Soap & Glory, The Body Shop, Wet & Wild, Shiseido  and H & M are my favorites!

  • I love the natural colors for my choosen lipsticks. I used to wear 117 Almost Nude from Revlon, and then Color Busrt also from Revlon, and this shocking pink H & M lipstick that my sister in law gaves.

  • I also a lotion or body butter person. I used Shea body butter from The Body Shop (which is already run out), this Victoria Secret Pure Seduction lotion. But my favorite most is, this Little Twin Star lotion that I bought in Japan. Too bad, I only bought 1 pack. 

  • The last but not least, I have these favorite scents that I always used. I used this Victoria Secret Pink Lush body mist and White Musk Libertine body mist at home. Escepcially before bed time. I love the sweet and cute smell. For a days, I'm using Christian Dior J'adore or Glamour Excessive from Bourjois. The smell is soooo long lasting!
So, all the woman out there, let's make ourselves more beautiful not only with a good make up, but also a good heart and attitude. 

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