Saturday, July 5, 2014

55 things you don't know about me

  1. I love my family, especially my mom and dad. Family comes first!
  2. I have one older sister and one older brother.
  3. I love my husband. He's my soulmate. And the biggest reason why I love him so much is because his heart.
  4. I love music. Music is my soul wherever I go.
  5. I love writing. One of my biggest dream is to be a writer.
  6. I love reading. A very nice, simple and unique story is my favorite.
  7. I love something sweets, such as chocolates, cupcakes, ice cream, and so many desserts!
  8. I love chocolates. Yes, I repeated this. I love chocolates!
  9. I love polish my nails with cute colors. 
  10. I love lip balms. I can use it 5 or 6 times a day.
  11. I'm a beauty junkie, lately. I can buy these thingy such as lotion, body wash, soap, lip balm and perfume. Forgive me my Dear God!
  12. Daydreaming is one of my hobby. 
  13. I like picking my nose when I'm not busy doing anything.
  14. I love to blog. At least I spend 1 hour to write a new post in my blog.
  15. I love body mist or perfume with Vanilla or sweet scentens.
  16. I like taking a picture and edited with my phone.
  17. I like wearing flat shoes. For me, high heels is a BIG NO!
  18. I love cuddling and hugging with my husband everyday! Even when we are sleeping :)
  19. I love coffee. But nowadays, I prefer tea. A high tea for sure.
  20. I love wearing shawl or scarf.
  21. I love making cupcakes.
  22. I love comedy and romantic drama.
  23. When I was a teenager, one of my biggest dream was to be an Archeolog.
  24. I love histories. I love something about Greek, Mythology, and Spinx.
  25. I like something vintage and classic.
  26. I have 3 little kittens. I named them Satu, Dua & Tiga.
  27. I like making funny face and dork jerks with my husband.
  28. I can play guitar and a little bit piano.
  29. I also wanna be a rock star chick.
  30. I like writing poems.
  31. I like making friends.
  32. I love my bestfriends.
  33. I hate anything fake, copy cat and hypocrite.
  34. I hate alcohol and smoke.
  35. Sometimes I drink milk.
  36. My favorite fruits are Watermelon, Peach and Cherry.
  37. I love babies and kids.
  38. I love British band.
  39. I love the The Beatles.
  40. I collect Sony Angel. I have 10 now.
  41. I love to sleep with my light turn off. 
  42. I prefer hot than cold.
  43. I wanna go travelling around the world.
  44. My foot size is 37. But sometimes 38.
  45. I love Converse all star shoes.
  46. I like going to the salon, and doing massage and hair spa.
  47. I love yellow and pink.
  48. I'm a very romantic person and sensitive.
  49. I'm a cry baby.
  50. I don't like gardening.
  51. I have a birth mark on my right ear.
  52. I cannot say "R" in a perfect way.
  53. I hate smelly people.
  54. I'm afraid of heights. For the rest of my life, I haven't ride a roller coaster on Dufan.
  55. I wanna go to Heaven someday.

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