Friday, July 4, 2014


                                                 "I read books not because I have to.
                                                          But because I love to"

You know what, sometimes I think bookstore is a castle for me to find and read lots of good books. For me, reading is one of my biggest hobby. I don't say that I'm a smart person who always collected good and 'heavy' books.  I just love to buy and read books, if I know there is 'something' about the books. My favorite writers are : Nicholas Sparks, Paulo Coelho, Jostein Gaarder, Mitch Albom, and lately, I read books from John Green. And soon, I am going to read some books from Haruki Murakami. There are so many talented people who can write a nice and unbelievable stories. 

just read this book a month ago. The story is very touchy. And a week ago, I saw the movie on cinema, and yes, it was also nice. And I lied if I say 'I'm not crying" :)

Still read this book till now. And I think it's a very nice and funny story. I hope I can finish it soon!

And soon, I will buy and read all of these books from Haruki Murakami

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