Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy one year, baby!

This is how we blend our love and thoughts!

On 10th March 2013 was our 1st year anniversary! I'm soooooo happy, because we always in love every moment every day. Eventhough sometimes, we also have an emotional moments, hehe. In this one year journey, I feel so blessed because I have the best boyfriend in the world! Krishna is such a perfect partner for me. He's my soulmate. I know maybe this is sounds so silly, and it's like I'm the one who's fallin in love deeper than him. But it's true, by the way.

We have so many so many nice and lovable moments and things together. I made a scrap book for him. It's just a simple gift that I made with love. 

Dear Krishna, 
Thank you for being my best boyfriend in these 31.536.000 seconds, 365 days, 12 months, 8760 hours, and 21.900 minutes. Nothing more I can say except I love you more and more and more each days, baby! You are my soulmate, and you changed my life.
We have shared so many nice, sweet, lovable, and good memories. And I really cannot choose on of them, because every minutes and days with you, it’s a very special moments.
There were so many photos we had, and each those photos had their own stories. I just wanna say, that I am sooo happy with you and spending another days with you.
Happy 1st anniversary, baby! I LOVE YOU :*

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