Sunday, November 20, 2011


Last night, I went to Salihara to watched a theater show, Karna. Actually, I really don't know about 'Wayang / Sankrit' history. So that's why I wanna see it. The director of Karna, which is my Dad's bestfriend, Goenawan Mohammad, invited us to watch the show. As usual, my parents and I are really excited to watch it. The stage was so awesome, with a white color and lots of little cubicles. And the backgrounds that showed trees, jungle, arrows, rain, and some pictures about Wayang. The performances was also good. I think Sita Nursanti who's played 'Radha', is really talented and really into the character. Whani Dharmawan as 'Parasurama' was also great. They both really gave their best performanced.
The story itself was about an identity that Karna asked for all his life. About where he's came from, who's his real mother, why's he had been chose to be a 'Ksatria', and questions about life. The point is, after I watched the show, I feel like I've leraned a lot about history. Too bad the audience are not allowed to take a picture during the show.
The show ended at 22.30, and I guess the audience are really satisfied to watched the show. They all gave a standing ovation.
After the show, we met Om Goenawan and we congratulated him for the show. It was a succed show. He asked me "Do you like it?", then I just smiled and gave my thumb to him. Yes, I liked the show a lot Om Goenawan. Don't forget to invite me for another show :)

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