Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cannot wait for these

Snow White and The Hunstman

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" Remember that quote from an old skool fairytale story, Snow White? Well, not for longer, we can see the new movie about Snow White and The Hunstman. I really wanna watch this movie, because I wanna see how's the effect and the "new" story in it. The director was the same as "Alice In Wonderland" movie. And Kristen Stewart, the Bella girl from Twilight is the Snow White. I'm sure this movie will be one of the best movie that we all wanna see :)


Here's another good movie that I wanna watch. Remember the movie 300? Yep, this movie is kinda same. Have a great and awesome special effect. And the story is about a Spartacus troops. Really really wanna see this movie!

One Day

Just another love story movie. I like Anne Hathaway, so I guess I should watch this movie. The story is about a woman and a guy (who are bestfriends), had fellin love for each other. Another standard story, but I guess have a little bit different ending. Is it happy ending or sad ending? Well, we should watch it if we wanna know about it. :)

The Amazing Spiderman

This is an old but also a new version of Spiderman. Eventhough maybe I already know about the story, but still I wanna watch it. Andrew Garfield is the new Spiderman (replacing Tobey Maguire). I guess Andrew is more good looking than Tobey. And also have a good acting. All I know is, Spiderman will be release on March 2012. Wew, still long. But I hope I can see it soon :)

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