Saturday, November 12, 2011


I remember the first Boyband that every young girl like was New Kids On The Block. These five young men (at that time), really made every girl breathless! Especially Jordan Knight, the lead singer. Back on the 1990, when I was still on elementary school, my older sister used to collected all of their things. While me? Not that interested about it, hehe. New Kids On The Block was from USA, and from United Kingdom they're also a boyband called Take That. Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams are the leaders on this group. "Back For Good" was one of my favorite song from them. All I know is, NKOTB and Take That wasn't made it for that long. They've had split up, and suddenly they're unfamous anymore. On 1996, this Boyband fever was suddenly "on" again. This time was for Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, Westlife, Five, 911, and so on. My favorite was Five. Because they're the only Boyband who doesn't look like a "Gay" type. Hehe, sorry for the others. The boybands really made a history on a musical industry. And some of them had came to Indonesia and had a concert. Lot's of girls were crazy in love for them. For me, those Boybands are a little bit special. Because their songs are sweet, loyal and always about love and about a girl of their dream. I lied if I say "I didn't like their songs".
But I guess now the Boybands fever wasn't that on anymore. Some of them already grown up, married, and having a kids. But some of them are still exist and make having their solo career. Sometimes, I really miss the moment when MTV or Channel V always play their songs, or at least I hear their song on a radio. It bring back the memories, while we all girls really had a crushed on those men.

New Kids On The Block

Take That


Backstreet Boys




Dear Boybands, your songs are sweets! :)

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The Motorcycle diary said...

yes I Still remember this BOY BAND when i am in elementary school, I already call them favourite song is Step By Step and I'll be loving you forever...NKOTB the first boy band and after them many-many boy band grow such us westlife etc...but i still like NKOTB...peace