Thursday, September 1, 2011

When I went to Medan, I've seen these

Tjong A Fie & Wife

The Mansion

The Lampion

So Chinese

The words of power

The family room

The ceiling

You want some tea?

The 1940's piano

The Chinese Dynasty clothes

This floor was made from Italy

The books collection

The tickets

The beautiful Istana Maimoon

Sultan Van Deli

Sultan used to sat there, and watched some traditional dance

Ulos at Pasar Central

Jembatan Gantung

My parents used to went here every Saturday night, back on the 1970's :)

Sarsaparila flavor

Opung Kartini resting here

Opung Aming resting here

Opung Siti Loksanti resting here

Goodbye Medan, till we meet again

I went to Tjong A Fie mansion, Istana Maimoon, Pasar Central, Kampung Keling, and my Grandparents grave yard. I am so proud that at least I've known a little bit about my 'root'. Dear Medan, you made my Idul Fitri so wonderful. I really cannot wait to see you again, really soon! :)

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