Saturday, September 24, 2011

Videos of the week

Fall Out Boy - Sugar (we're going down)

I chose this video because I miss listening this song lately. I love how the lead singer sang it and scream a little when he says "We're goin' down, down, in an earlier round. And sugar, we're goin' down swingin'. I'll be your number one with a bullet. A loaded God complex, cock it and pull it". Oh btw, the video also nice. It's like telling that : "Please don't judge people from their 'look', when the truth is you are the one that has different look".

Joe Jonas - Just In Love
This video is ahmahzing! Joe Jonas is so hot! Well actually, I love the story of the video. It showed that Joe himself really fell in love with the girl. I love their 'romantic' scene. It's not 'porno' at all. But I think it's sweet! And the video was shoted at Paris. Romantic place :)

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