Friday, March 18, 2016

Lovely nest

So, because Krishna and I were just moved to our own house, it's a good thing for us (especially me) to have an idea to decorate the house. I always looking for an inspiration about a simple and nice decorate. I just found out about this website Living Loving which has so many ideas that can inspire me. About the sweet decoration for a kitchen, or just a simple relaxing theme for a room. My favorite category is Lovely nest . You can see so many couples create and decorate their own house with their own style. I'm lovin' it and kinda want to copy it a little bit :)

pic from Google

To me, a very simple yet nice decoration really can make us relaxing ourselves and treat ourselves like a king and a queen. 

By the way, I'm going to make a 'house tour' in our house. And I'll be post it in this blog :)

"There is nothing more important
than a good, safe, secure home"

Girl With An Attitude

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