Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Cutie envelopes!

Nowadays, people forgot about how to use an envelopes. How to send a letter with your hand writing, with your signature, and put it in the envelope. Because now people has moved from a traditional mailing into an electronic mail. Modern, I can say.

But what if the envelopes that used to be plain white or used to be white with blue & red list, become a very cute, colorful, unique and stylish one? You can see how this designer, Lucy Halcomb creates so many cute envelopes that makes you want to write a letter.

Oh how I love to collect all of them! It's beyond pretty isn't it? So, have you decide yet whom your going to send some letter with this cute envelope?

"Letters are expectation packaged
in an envelope"
-Shana Alexander-

Girl With An Attitude


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