Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hello March!

Welcoming March!

So, today I didn't go to the office because my diarrhea is getting worst! But this morning, I went to the Doctor. And she said that there's a virus in my stomach. So she gaves me three medicines. I feel much better now. Way better.

Speaking about today, as you can see that today is the first day on a new month. High five to the March! And as usual, I always changed my background blog on every month. So, this time I chose Jelly Beans as my background. The reason why I chose the background, is not because I love Jelly Beans. No, I don't. I just love the colors. I love the way those red, yellow, green and purple things tangled on my background. Because I love something colorful. I think every colors has their own meanings. 

By the way, my favorite colors are yellow and pink. YellowPink&TheWriter was my tumblr name. And I also have this band project with my husband after that name. Why yellow and pink? I have so many reasons why I chose it. Because I think yellow is something like childish, happiness, positive thinking, fun and sunshine always in my mind side. Meanwhile, pink is something romantic, mature, sexy, mysterious, and dramatic side. And I add "The Writer" because I think we are the writer in our own life. We write the story in our days, we write and put the colors of yellow and pink in our days. That's what I think.

I just wrote a new song about an hour ago. It's called "Always Be Mine". I also recorded it on my phone, but I'm too ashamed to post it. Maybe later. Ha!

Ok then, I'm about to go now. Goodnight, March! :)

Girl With An Attitude

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