Saturday, January 2, 2016


Hello there! Happy 2016!

So how was your New Years Eve party by the way? Mine was great. I spent my NYE with Krishna and my parents. We stayed at Hotel Citra Dream Bintaro, which I think was nice. For me, spent time with the loved ones was truly blessed.

Speaking about 2016, about the New Year, what is your goal? Is there any wishes or something? I'm sure you all have it. And so do I. 

If you ask me what is my wish or goal on this 2016, is to be pregnant! Yes, Krishna and I are really wanna have a baby. Hopefuly it will be come true, amen.

On this New Year, do you have any idea to make your life more exciting or to make this world a better place? A wise man said that 'Eveything begins with an idea'. You have an idea, you create it, you make it happen, than voila, you feel like you're an amazing person!

So tell me, what's your idea on 2016?

Girl With An Attitude

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