Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday morning

Since last Saturday, Krishna and I already moved into our new house at Bintaro. But we haven't moved all the stuffs. We just brought our main clothes and other simple things. So we still have to go back to Jeruk Purut (my parents in law house) to bring another things. 

This morning was the first time for us to took a train to go to our office. We took a train from Pondok Ranji station. Krishna stopped at Palmerah station, while I still have to transit to Tanah Abang station, then moved to another train and go to Sudirman station. Phew! 

But somehow, this is our great new experience. Because we don't have to see the traffic on every morning anymore like we used to if we driving. Yayness!

Sooo, to celebrate our new first experience, I give you this new song from one of my favorite band, Coldplay. The song called 'Adventure Of A Lifetime', from their new album 'A Head Full Of Dreams'.

Because yes, Krishna and I will have sooo many new adventures of our lifetime. Teehee!!

Girl With An Attitude

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