Tuesday, December 29, 2015

21 days

I have to say that I'm in the moment for not-so-in-the-mood to post some blog right now. Sowwy for that! Because lately I was too busy to do that. Krishna and I are moved into our new house for 1/2 month, and we haven't use wifi in our house. And sometimes, there are times when we went home very late at night. That made us tired and exhausted. 

So, after 21 days passes us by, I'm about to write something again (finally!) in this blog. I'm going to review some of my favorite lipsticks that I adore lately :


  1. Creme de la Creme from Emina. I have to say this lipstick is so soft and natural. You can use it for any casual day. I like the peach color which I think is sweet and cute. And also, the lipstick is very cheap. It only cost for IDR 30.000
  2. Cover Girl Star Wars edition : The first time I saw this liptsick was on Instagram. I ordered it from some online shop. I think the color is so nude. It's like I'm not wearing lipstick at all. But I love the shimmer that blended into my lips. Feel kinda sexy. It only cost IDR 120.000 and I loved it!
  3. H&M Pink Lipstick : This one is from Holland. My sister in law bought it for me. The lipstick is very pink and it has a little bit shimmer. Same like Cover Girl Star Wars edition, this lipstick also won't stay long on your lips. I love the pink color, because it's like the early of 90's color. 
  4. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet : I loooove it! I bought the So Hap'ink, and it blended very sexy on my lips. It has very matte texture and won't cracking if you're eat or drink. It cost IDR 188.000 but I think it's worth it.
  5. Emina The Favourite Thing : When you use the lipstick, first, you will feel some moist texture. But it will be matte after. I think this lipstick is good, besides only for IDR 50.000, the color is so sweet and it will stay a little bit long on your lips eventhough you already eat or drink. 
I think lipstick is one of the 'must have' thing for women. Becasue it's like you draw a white canvas with some of beautiful colors that will tangled on your lips. 

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