Thursday, October 13, 2016

Review : Zara "Joyful Tuberose" perfume

I'm a type of girl who always love perfume with sweet scents. I used to love Vanilla, Chocolate or Caramel if I choose perfume. But who would knew that I also love this sweet scents with a little bit rose from Zara perfume, Zara "Joyful Tuberose".

This perfume is not too feminine, but I loved it! It's more like cute, fresh and casual. 

Actually the reason why I bought this perfume is because the bottle, hihi. I love the fact that the bottle is so sophisticated with this dusty pink color. It's very luxurious with the price for only IDR 150.000. 

Eventhough the smell only last about 3 or 4 hours, but still I like it. This perfume also has so many different color and scents. Next, I will buy the baby blue color, which smells more masculine but still sweet.

If you go to Zara counter, you will find so many perfumes there. But I like this series, hehe I mean the square bottle series with those cute colors! :)

"A woman's perfume about tells more about
her than her handwriting"

Girl With An Attitude

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