Monday, October 31, 2016


How does it feel when you finally meet your friends after 25 years apart? Haha, yesss happy and having a tears of joy! But before that, I want to tell you some flashback, ok? 

So, on 1992, my family and I moved to Bintaro from Puri Indah (West Jakarta). Then I went to this Elementary School SDN 04, Bintaro. I had my 6th grade there. I met these 5 cool girls and one of them is my cousin. After we've become a friends because we had so many similar things that we liked, we decided to built our friendship as a girl-gang named Casascopili which we took from our zodiacs name : Capricorn (Victoria), Sagitarius (Marizka), Scorpio (Me and Amelia), Pisces (Debora) and Libra (Anky). It was a very great memories we had! And also we had this diary book that we always love to share anything. The cover of the diary book is a casts from the movie series, Beverly Hills 90210 (hell yeah!)

After 25 years we never met each other (except Anky, my cousin. Because we always met on Eid Mubarak, though), finally on last Saturday we decided to meet on this small restaurant at Bintaro.

I was soooo nervous that day, because we haven't met like a zillion years!

Unfortunately, two of them cannot make it. Debora lived on State with her husband and family now. meanwhile we never know where Marizka is. 

We were laughing and mesmerizing about anything that we can. And we promise we will still keep contact, and meet each other every month. Ahh..sooo excited!

"Best friends are the old friends"

Girl With An Attitude

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