Monday, August 8, 2016

Review : "The Bathbox Breakfast Porridge Face Mask"

"A pore cleansing facial mask, helps remove your blackheads with no pain, rhassoul clay attracts dirt and toxin inside your pores, and help thigtening it. Use regulary for cleaner skin"

So that's the reason why I tried this Face Mask from The Bath Box. Because I know this product is organic, hand made and really healthy. Actually I had used one of their product. I bought the cupcake soap about a year ago, and their famous liquid soap "Goats Don't Lie" (but I didn't have the picture, sorry)

Speaking about face mask, I'm a person who does not regulary using it. Because I'm lazy enough to use it, hehe. But when I know about this Breakfast Porridge Face Mask, I'm about to give it a try.

I had used it for twice now, and I think my skin is more cleaner. I feel like my pores are smaller (and the blackheads are almost gone). Seriously, I think this face mask is very friendly for my face skin. And it's also smells really good!

The ingredients from this face mask are : Maroccan Lava Clay, Cocos Nucifera Milk, Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil, and Avena Sativa Kernel Meal (sounds reaaaally healthty don't cha think?) 

This product is a powdered face mask, so you should blend it with water (2 tsp water). And after you put it onto your face, leave it until half dry then rinse it with water (cool water would be nice). I used to applied toner on my face after I'm using this face mask. Because it makes my face skin more relaxing and moist. 

I think this face mask is really worth to buy. Because I can see that my face is more healthier, brighter, younger and almost remove my blackheads. I'm a happy customer for sure :)

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