Monday, May 2, 2016

Hello May!

Today's the second day on May. It means I will change my blog background again. So, this time, I picked this stars doodles for my background. And the reason is this : 

Last week, there was a time when Krishna slept on my lap. And then I wrote a poem about it. 

"Lay your sleeping head on me, my love.
 Then starts your dream about catching the stars in the sky"

Then I realized there are so many goals that we'd like to reach. I realized how talented Krishna is. And he realized how talented I am. Him with his dreams. And me with mine. We will through the skies to touch and even grab the stars. 

That's why, I implemented into this background blog. I have so many stars that I want to reach for my days. Beyond and grateful.

So, dear May. Let's make this things happen! Have a lovely month, then :)

Girl With An Attitude

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