Monday, May 9, 2016

Have you seen my childhood?

Yesterday, Krishna and I had lunch with his parents. Then suddenly, his dad tells stories about how they always spent some quality times when Krishna and his sisters are still younger. The point is, their childhood was happy and beautiful. After that, Krishna had been a little bit touches about the story, And he became sad, and suddenly missing all the childhood things. 

Who doesn't?

And so am I..

I remembered about how my childhood was totally great and beautiful. Spent very well. I spent my childhood at Maryland, Washington D.C, USA. My family and I lived there for almost 5 years. We lived in 2th floor apartment. My baby sitter was Niger, and her name is Clothel. She has three daughters, Shawnteey. Curtisha and Breta. My siblings and I really like to play with them. My parents had worked at Voice Of America. And that was the moment when I think my parents are cool. Haha.

I really love the snow. I used to built this snowman. And I used to grab the ice and ate it. Funny me :)

When we lived there, almost every weekend we always went to cool places. We went to Disneyland, Virginia, Miami Beach, Hollywood Boulevard, and so on.

After we lived there, we went to Japan for 2 weeks, and stayed at my Dad's bestfriend. Then we came back to Indonesia. We grew up us a happy kids. We've been successfull and busy with our own life. Even my brother now stayed in London to have his study. *miss him btw*

Yeah, I think my childhood was one of the best moment in my entire life. I loved it. I missed it. And if only I could, I really want to turn back the time :)

"Like fantastical stories to share
The dreams I would dare, watch me fly.." 
-Michael Jackson-

Girl With An Attitude

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