Thursday, June 11, 2015

I want!


  • Nail polish from Kate Spade. I love how the yellow and the grey colors combined!
  • Cotton candy machine! Like I said before, I'm so into it since I woke up yesterday :)
  • Buy a book or watch a film Love Story from 1970 movie. Ryan O'Neal & Ali McGraw were such a babe on that movie!
  • Cupcake pillow, which looks like a real cupcake. My friend, Fya, promised to make it one for me. So, I just have to wait then :)
  • This is the epic one, Debbie Gibson tshirt. Such a classic shirt. I looked it on e-bay, and the price is not that expensive. So yeah, maybe..mayyybe..I will buy it soon! :)
I love it and I want it!
Girl With An Attitude

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