Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cotton candy, baby!

"I dream of a cotton candy clouds.
I want to chew it and taste it,
until there is nothing left"
When I woke up this morning, suddenly I’ve been thinking about cotton candy. I want to eat that sweet thing. I want to chew the taste of the sweetness from that pink thing. It’s like I want to eat cotton candy from the cotton clouds until I get sugar high!

If you’re the one that also love sweetness as I am, then you should see this Cotton Candies from Bon Puf. There are so many variants and so many pastel colors. You can see the cotton candies not only pink, but also green, purple, yellow and also tastes earl grey tea. Sweet heaven!

Mango chilli
Pop Puff

 Those cotton candies makes me want to buy a cotton candy machine. I want to have it on my own. I want to make it by myself, and eat it until there is nothing left.

Luckly when I asked Krishna “Can I buy a cotton candy machine after our home is finished from renovation?”, he said “Yes, sure!”.

Aaaaah..yayness! :)

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