Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Bday, husband!

Yesterday, on 22nd June 2015, was Krishna's bday. Now he's 35 years old! And also this is his 2nd bday after we married. And his 4th bday after we met. :)
Speaking about bday, I really love having a bday. Because I think it's our special day. And everybody will treat us polite, no matter what. Yeah, bday makes us a special person!
So, on his 35th bday, I gave him 35 kisses and also made some videos for him. And the real present? I won't tell you guys, hihi..

35 kisses for the bday boy!

Videos for the bday boy!
I just wish on his bday, Krishna will be more mature, healthier, always happy, always full of love, always surrounded by the people he loves, always love GOD, and loved by GOD. Amen!
I love you, Krishna Baskaraputra Sukarya. Have a happiest bday ever! :)
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