Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Wisdom Of Islam

“Truth cannot be contained.
In a single dream”
-The Thousand And One Nights-

Yesterday, Krishna said that I should read this book called ‘The Wisdom Of Islam’. Because the way this book told the stories about Islam is obviously attracted and also nice, with those poems from those poets. When I was just read the first page, I was like “Ok, I will finish read this book!”.

So, voila! Here are the poems that I really like the most :

“You created night, I made the lamp. You created clay, I made the cup. You created the forest, the mountain, and the desert, I made the walk, the garden, the orchard”
Mohammed Iqbal
Indian Muslim poet (1875-1938)
“God has hidden the sea and revealed the foam, he has hidden the wind and revealed the dust. How could the dust rise of itself.. Yet you see the dust, not the wind. How could the foam move without the sea? But you see the foam and not the sea”
 Jalal al-Din Rumi
Sufi mystic poet (1207-1273
“A man madly in love knocked on the door of his beloved. She asked from behind the door : “Who is there?”.  He answered : “It is I!”. And she replied : “There is not enough room for both you and me in the same house.” So he betook himself to the desert to meditate. Years later he came back and knocked on her door. The voice of his beloved asked : “Who is it?”. He answered : “It is you yourself!”. And the door opened wide.
After Ibn Arabi
Andalusian mystic poet (1165-1240)
“I fear death,” said the birds.
“Can deatg exist for one whose heart is joined with God?” replied the hoopoe. “My heart is one with Him, this time and death no longer exist for me. For death is the suspension of time, and time is born of our attachment to things that perish.”
Farid al-Din Attar
Persian mystic poet (died c. 1230)

"Your image is in my eye
Your invocation is on my lips
Your abode is in my heart
Where then can You be absent?"

Husayn ibn Mansur al-Hallaj
Mystic Islamic poet (Baghdad 858/9-922)
“We believe in Allah
And that which is revealed unto us, And that which was revealed unto Abraham,
And Ishmael, and Isaac, and Jacob, and the tribes, And that which Moses and Jesus received,
And that which the prophets received from their Lord.
We make no distinction between any of them”
The Koran, sura 2:136

Yes, we all make no distinction between any of them!

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