Friday, May 8, 2015

The slow wind blows

Today I went to Ancol Beach with my family. My aunties came from Jepara and Medan, so they asked me to bring them to Ancol. It was a lovely weather and also a lovely winds. We had our lunch at this restaurant name Saung Kuring.

We also went to Pasar Seni and met my uncle's friend who is a painter. And he gave me a paper fan that he made and painted by himself. I was so appreciated for looked around the gallery and admired all of the paintings there. I always have this 'crush thing' for arts. So I was really really really happy!

Paper fan made by the painter

From where I stand

Walk away there..

Jimi Hendrix

Painters house

It was just me 

We should be proud of Pasar Seni. Because all of the painters are truly talented and have these magical hands to appreciate for! 
Girl With An Attitude

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