Tuesday, October 21, 2014


"You are such a good boy. You sleep now. Dream sweet dreams. Maybe we are both dreaming. Maybe this is all a dream, and in the morning, Mommy will wake us up with milk and cookies. Then, after we eat, I will make love to her two or three times. If I can"

-Guido, La vita e bella-

Sometimes, when we are upset and feels like the world is tumbling down, we always said that life was so unfair. Life is sucks. Life is miserable. But have you ever imagine, why God created us to stay in this world? To feel the very softly air to our lungs. To touch the beauty of the sky. To mesmerize what we already had and did? Because God let us feel of this life. This beautiful life. We deserve to have it. I, sometimes hate my days and desperately sigh about my sensitive feelings. Instead I believe that my life is more beautiful and happier. Yes, I feel blessed. I feel more apreciate about what I already have. About how I can live my life and journey with the rhythm of the love. 

Life is beautiful, such in a movies. A very happy ending movies. With lots of love, full of joy and laughing out loud. Life is a miracle, a miracle that sometimes a magician cannot create. Life is a journey, a journey that sometimes we feel like it is a dream, A very long road journey of dream that never ended. Life is a reason why we must have love and happiness. And love is a reason why God created us as a human. Because He knows life is beautiful, just like a dream.

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