Saturday, October 25, 2014


Left : The real ice cream
Right : The fake ice cream

See the different? Can you spot the different about the real one and the fake one? If you don't see it clearly, maybe you just said "Well yeah, those ice creams looks yum!". But if you see it from your heart, with your brain, than you will realized about the good and the bad. About the true story and about the bad story. You may say that why am I always posting or write something about fake? Simple. Because I don't like anything fake. Totally hate it. I hate fake people, I hate fake smile, I hate fake friendship, I hate fake story. F**k the fake, by the way!

"You have to be yourself, not just covered yourself and pretend to be somebody else that you don't even know. Because it's so hard to be somebody else. Especially if you don't have a talent to be an actor or an actress. So from now on, respect yourself and show the real you are"


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