Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lifebuoy - Tree Of Life

The first time I saw this commercial, I felt in deeply touch. Then I told my husband also to see this video. The message was delivered very good, instead nice, meaningful and unique. If you see the whole scene, then you will realized why the woman in this video always saluted and love the tree. The point is, we all always remember the people that we used to love. Eventhough the people is already gone.

Speaking about that, what do you know about diarrhea so far? I know diarrhea can make you dehydration because you lose your liquid bowel movements. In the meaning time, it can cause death. Diarrhea is a disease because you ate a bad condition food, or because of virus / bacteria. You can cure it with antibiotic, oralite, and drink much of water. I Googled it about a cause of death in this world. About 1.7 to 5 billion cases of diarrhea occur per year. It is most common in developing countries, where young children get diarrhea on average three times a year.  Worldwide, as of 2012, it is the second most common cause of deaths in children younger than five (0.76 million or 11%).  Frequent episodes of diarrhea are also a common cause of malnutrition and the most common cause in those younger than five years of age. Other long term problems that can result include poor physical and intellectual development.

So, got the point why I write this post? Yes, one way how to prevent diarrhea is always stay hygiene and wash your hands before you eat. And you can wash it with hygiene soap such as : Lifebuoy :)

"Dirt is a thing people make too much fuss about. It is astonishing how quickly you get used to doing without handkerchief and to eating out of the tin pannikin in which you also wash"

-George Orwell-

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