Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This morning

When Krishna and I on the way to the office this morning, suddenly I remembered about an old skool TV series from the 80's - 90's. When RCTI was just already on air for the 1st time as a modern TV channel. TV series such as Growing Pains, Airwolf, My Secret Identity, 21 Jump Street and others. Well, just admit it, we all have a good memories about those series. Especially the theme songs, such as like these :

Growing Pains

21 Jump Street


My Secret Identity



Mission Impossible

See, I told you we all have a very good memories about those songs and also the film. Sometimes it's good when you feel you can memorize all the good movies in your mind. Too bad, in about 1992, we haven't see a nice tv series such like the old times. TV series in this decades are focused into more gossips, reality "boring" show and those stupid "sinetron". What a waste!

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