Monday, July 24, 2017

Review : Instax SQ10 Fuji Film

Y'all! I have a new camera, and I'm sooo in love with it. I just bought this Instax SQ10 by Fuji Film, and I'm so satisfied about this hybrid instant camera.

As you know, that I love instax so much. There's something unique about this instant camera among the others. And with this Instax SQ10, I surely can explore my hobby in photograph. 

The main reasons that I love about this camera are :
  • It has a square shape film
  • It has a digital batere
  • It has so many filters
  • There are so many mode, such as : bulb mode and double exposure mode
  • It has 2 shutter buttons
  • The lens is small and it's in the center
  • It has a good body shape
So yeah, what more I can say about this camera?

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