Friday, June 2, 2017

TV Series :

How many of you guys likes to watch tv series? Since I was a kid, I used to watched so many tv series such as Growing Pains, Macgyver, Magnum PI, Knight Rider and many many more (praised to you 90's tv series!!!)

Lately, there are so many good tv series to watch! Many of them is from Netflix and CW Channel. And I already watched tons of them. But I only have six favorite of them. So let me tell you, then :

  1. Who doesn't know Supergirl? The girl of steel that has a power same as her cousin, Superman. I started watched this tv series at the end of 2016. And now, I still cannot wait for season 3, haha. This series is  good. Because superhero is quite familiar to me (yup, because of Krishna), so I really like this one. I even always said to myself that I'm also a Supergirl!
  2. Ok, ok if you like some of science - fiction series with a cool setting back story from 80's, then you must be like this Stranger Things series. I like the story that had a mysterious ending, I like all the casts that acting really natural, I like the 80's setting, I like the songs, and I still cannot wait for the season 2!!
  3. If you're a hopelessly romantic and sensitive kinda person, you must be like This Is Us. Besides the setting is from 70's and 80's, some of the story scene is about flash back story. Everytime I finished one episode, I always cried hahaha. Because I always like how this family is really lovin each other and support each other. Escpecially the parents that played by Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia are totally great!
  4. The reason why I watched 13 Reasons Why is because the plot is very creative. Every each episode told us about the cassette which the main character recorded before she suicide. It's kinda thriller and mysterious, but I like it! But I don't know if there will be season 2 *fingers crossed*
  5. This Girlboss series is based from a book that also a true story from the author, Sophia Amoruso. I like the main character which is so selfish but smart and always have so many idea. The scene is great. And it's about friendship, about dream, and about nobody to be somebody. It's a simple yet good story. And yes, I'm waiting for the seasin 2 to come soon. Woohoo!
  6. This series Riverdale is also based by the comic book, Archie and friends. It's kinda thriller drama but not too horror. All of the characters are good, especially the manipulative girl, Cheryl Blossom. I haven't finish watch this series (hopefully soon!), but I know this series is going to be one of my teen series ❤
So yeah, that's all about my review. I think I'm kinda a tv series holic lately, haha. What about you then? Which tv series is your favorite? 

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