Wednesday, June 14, 2017

For you, husband :

"To the world, you might be one person.
But for one person, you might be the world"
-John Lennon-

I dedicate this post for my husband, Krishna. I don't know, lately seems like he's very not in the mood. He has this mood swing that changes very fast. I don't know for sure why he's being like that. But all I know is, he might be tired. Tired for the things that makes him bored and uncreative. 

Everytime he's being like that, all I can do is to calm him. But still, he's the one who can make himself happy. Cherish his life. Make it better. And putting a smile on his face. ☺

I think the quote from John Lennon is quite good for him. I mean, eventhough he thinks he's too small in this world, well at least he has a big heart. And at least he is a 'big world' in someone's life. Yeah at least for me ❤

Girl With An Attitude

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