Monday, September 26, 2016

Come On Eileen!

How does it feel when one of your favorite band will come to Indonesia and have a concert? Well, screamed off course!!! So, one of my favorite band when I was in senior high school, which is Save Ferris, will come to Bandung on this Ska gig. And I was just like "Ok, I have to see them!".

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I remember, on 1999, I saw their performance at Bengkel Night Park. I was in the front line with my brothers friend. And were like so crazy did some Skanking. Hehee.. And I think that was one of the best night I've ever had. And on that time, my sister still worked at one of female magazine, and she had a chance to interviewed Save Ferris. After my sister interviewed them, she asked them to signed the poster that my sister bought. And Monique Powell, the singer, wrote something like this "To : Ovi, thank you for liking us". Then all of them signed the poster just for me :) 

Well, after 17 years passes by, they will come again. And I hope, I really can go to Bandung and see their performance. Because, hell yeah, I really miss do some Skanking! :)

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