Monday, March 28, 2016

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Hi there!

How's your weeekend, guys? I had a great weekend I can tell. And I will give some of the recap here :

  • Friday : I went to Gandaria City with my parents and my nephew, Kafka. I promised him to buy him some bday present. So he requested me this white sweater form H&M. I can't believe my baby nephew has grown up almost as a teenager. He's 12 years old now, and totally handsome! 
  • Saturday : It was the day when The Upstairs had their mini concert as their celebration for the 12th Matraman album. The gig was totally awesome. I think it had a thousand people there. There are also an opening bands like : Pijar band, High Time Rebelion, Club 80"s and Goodnight Electric. I'm so amazed that The Upstairs has so many so many fans which always be there and support them. The fans also crazy but in a good way. Because the fans always excited and seems to enjoyed The Upstairs performance. It was a goddam good gig!
  • Sunday : One of Krishna's friend, Maruft came to our house in the afternoon. Can't believe that we're neighbors now. Because our house is located at the same location. Haha. Then my parents also came to our house, and we had dinner together. What a lovely night.
Weekend is the days that I always waiting for. Because weekend means no work. Only me, the family and the relax time :)

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