Friday, December 5, 2014

In love with her..

Yes, I am so in love with this talented girl from Malaysia, Yuna. I mean, OWMAGAH..her voice is absolutely puuuurrfect! With her casual tomboy style, and her styled hijab. Definitely she is the new rising star. She also wrote her songs, and play guitar / ukulele. When I saw her for the first time on Channel V. I have to admit it that I was amazed. With her attitude and the way she speaks. One of the clever and talented girl from Asia that I have known. 

She also still young, so thats why I think this is the right moment for her to show her music and also her soul! Everyone who has listened to her voice will be surprised because this beautiful, soulful and light voice was came from this pretty girl from Malaysia.

One of the best goal she ever had was when her single called "Live you Life" was produced by the talented and unique guy named, Pharell Williams

You can check this video here :

"Find your light, don't hide from what you are.
And rise before you fall, and hope for something more.
Live if you really want"

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