Friday, September 19, 2014


One of the most best thing is massage. Why? Because it can relaxing our body. After spending a chaotic time and a stressful job at the office, massage is one of the best medicine. I started to like massage when I was in junior high school, I guess. My mom used to massaged me, because she has these magical hands that can running through your body. Sometimes, when I spoiled my self at the Salon, I always do the massage and that kinda stuff.

There are so many type and methods of massage such as, Acupressure, Breema, Ashiatsu, Kum Nye, Foot massage, Shiatsu, and many more (you can search on Google if you want to know more).

I read on a news paper about some old man from China, his age is almost 102 years old. And when some of a reporter asked him what is the secret about his age and his long life, the old man answered : " I just love being massage. For the rest of my life, I always have a massage".

See, eventhough massage is kinda an old fashion thing, but it makes you healthy and relax. At least you can do it once a week, then you can feel the 'secret' of the massage. 

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