Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Little things, lately

  1. Quote from Zooey Deschannel. I like her, because I think she's fun! This quote is remind of myself, how I love nail polish so much. I can put my nails in any kind of colors. So fun!
  2. Mu currently body wash, from Original Source. I love the way they moist my skin. And also the scents. I love the Shea Butter Honey and Vanilla Raspberry. Feels like I put some candies into my skin :)
  3. This Ceylon Red Tea, from Esprecielo. The first time I drank this tea, I knew it would be one of my favorite drink. I also like the Green Tea Latte and Caramel Machiato. Tastes like heaven!
  4. I made a Chocolate Flair Cupcakes last week. Then I brought it to my office only for my friends. As usual, they were liked it! 
  5. A stripes shirt that I borrowed from Krishna. I don't know why, but I just love the color. It's bright!
  6. An Apple Pie ice cream from Eskimomo. Yup, the ice cream tastes very unique and sweet. It's a home made ice cream from Indonesia. It has so many unique flavors. But my favorite most are Apple Pie and Orange Chocolate. Like it a lot!
  7. This is the quote about how our childhood, well let's just say, me and another thousand 80's kids, used to be like their childhood. There's no gadget, there's no junk foods everyday, and there's no fear. Why? Well because people used to appreciated each other. Meanwhile, lately, there are so many so many sad news about child abused, sex abused, and another news about crazy pathetic fedofil. Very sad :(
  8. Lately, I became a socks lover. Escpecially the cute one. It warms my feet. Especially when I went to sleep.
  9. Chlorophyl water for my healthy. Yes, lately I'm a sucker for this drink. There is no tastes, it's just plain and greeny. But I feel more healthy and fit all the time. 
  10. Bajaj? Haha, well actually I just found out there's a Churros shop which designed from Bajaj. The place is in Kemang Village, basement, near Ace Hardware. It's nice and also cheap. And there's so many dip you can choose.
  11. This is my second shawl from @chroniclesindonesia. This one is Biku 11. I love the colorful design and also the material. I think I'm going to buy another :)
  12. Soy Milk Puding, with Matcha flavor. Well yeah, as you can see, I'm a dessert and also a sweets lover. And this one is also my favorite. The shop is in Plaza Senayan, basement floor, in front of Hero.
I'm a happy person, and I really enjoy my life. Feel blessed everyday! :)

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