Monday, May 26, 2014

Beauty Junkie

Well, as a woman, I am sooo in love with a beauty product which is unique and have a nice, smooth, tender effect to my skin. Lately, I think there are some beauty products that has a cute and classic packaging. And they all looks the same! Let me tell you the products :

The Balm : The first time I know this product is from one of my favorite blogger, Katie Shelton. Because she used to worn a very cute naughty packaging blush on 'hot mama'

Benefit Cosmetics : I know this product from my sister in law. She used this product when she was in Holland. When the product was launched in Grand Indonesia, many people, especially women are going crazy to shop this product. 

Soap & Glory : The first time I knew this product when I went to my Mom's doctor house, her name is Ibu Dewi. She used the hand wash that she got from her sister. After that, I found out that one of my Indonesia favorite blogger, Tara Ruhama, also worn this lip balm. I bought the lip balm at Sephora, Marina Bay, Singapore. The first time I knew this product, I was totally sure it will be my favorite lip balm ever! :)

Skin Junkie : This one is made in Indonesia, and I just found out when I was looked the Instagram. I think it's cool that Indonesian people can also made a beauty product which used an organic material. I haven't seen the real product, but I'm sure their nice and also has a cute packaging! 

So, ladies, being a beauty junkie is fun or what? :)

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