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We love Japan

Yessss! Finally, after almost 2 weeks we got back from Japan, now I can write my story in my '2 weeks abandon blog'. Ok, first of all, I would definitely say "We love Japan!". Why?? Well, because it's simple. Everthing in that friendly place is nice. Me and Krishna really enjoyed the people, the culture, the foods, the views, but..not that much for the weather. Our prediction was, on that week, the weather will be hotter than 2 weeks earlier. Because it was just spring (after winter). Well, we were wrong! Totally wrong. Because the weather was, yeah sunny..but the wind was toooo waaaay cold! I changed my mind to wearing tank tops and shirts. Haha! Ok, now let's forget about the weather.
On 21st March 2014, we arrived at Haneda Airport, Tokyo at 20.55 pm (Japan time), but earlier, we transited at Hongkong International Airport for 2 hours. When we got there, we were like “OH MY GOD, IT’S JAPAN!!!”. Well, actually this is my 2nd time to Japan. But the 1st was long time ago. When I was 4 years old, and it’s just for a week.

Day 1 (22 March 2014 ) :

Tokyo is a very clean place. We stayed at Kinuya Honkan Hotel, near from Ueno Park. When we went to Ueno Park at 1 am, we found they’re so many people around there. Yes, so many people whom took a picture of Sakura flowers. The Sakura was expected to grow on a 2nd week of March. That’s why we decided to go on that date. And yes, the Sakura growing soooo pretty like we expected! The color mixed between baby pink and white. I was had a goosebumps when we took a pic there. We also went to Tokyo National Museum. We saw so many traditional things about Japan. On day 1, we felt like a little bit tired and jet lag. So we decided got back to the Hotel and took a nap until 6 pm!! When it’s time to dinner, we took a walked on a market around the Hotel street. We had dinner at McDonalds, drank some coffee and walked accrossed the Ueno Park, to see the Sakura again. I was freezed and my hands shacking because of the cold. Then I told Krishna to get back to Hotel, and sleep!!! 

Day 2 (23 March 2014) :

We went very early in the morning this day. Because we’re about to go to Akihabara. The place that showed Animes and Cartoons everywhere you stared! We took a subway for about 15 minutes. Krishna was planning to go to Mandarake, the 8th floors toys store. My oh my! When we got there (about 9.30 am), the toy shop was still closed and not open until 12 am. So, we decided to have some breakfast at Becks cafĂ©. The place was so warm, cozy and the foods also tastes good. We spent an hours and hours at Akihabara. After we went to Akihabara, we moved place into Odaiba. And yes, we still took a train to get there. Odaiba is a famous place which theres a very big Gundam statue. At 7 pm, the Gundam was shined by lights. It was an awesome view! After that, I remember we felt very exhausted when we got back to the hotel. And it was about 10 pm. Phew!

 Day 3 (24 March 2014) :

On day 3, we went to Asakusa by subway. When we got there, we tried the Japan traditional transport. I forgot the name, but in Indonesia I think looks like Becak. The man who pulled the ‘whatever the name is’ transport took us around there. He took us to the Entertainment side. They’re so many shops, a little coffee shops and restaurants and temple. I really like Asakusa, especially when we shopped at the market. So many so many sooo many cute things and nice merchandise. We got kimonos, a little statue, shirts, sandal, magnets, and foods there. That was the first time I ate sweet potato and Sakura ice cream. Aaahhh, me likey!
On the afternoon, we went to Harajuku and then Shibuya, to see the Hachiko statue. We took a subway, as usual. The wind was so cold. So we decided to buy some coat and sweater at some shop which sell so many vintage and second clothes. When we went to Harajuku, we did not found those cos play and anime people like we used to know. I thought we will find some girls with red, blue and yellow wigs. Or a man with ninja suit. Haha! Well, maybe because it was Monday, so we won’t find that uniqe people. We walked from Harajuku to Shibuya about 20 minutes. My feet was hurt, and I’m also hungry. After we found the Hachiko statue (which is small. Because I thought it was huge and I can hug that dog), we had dinner at Italian restaurant where they served a big pizzas! By the way, it was our last night in Tokyo. Because tomorrow morning, we must go to Hakone.

Day 4 (25 March 2014) :

It’s the time we moved to Hakone. The place that we can go to Onsen (kinda like Jacuzzi with warm water). We went to Hakone by bus. It took about an hour to go there. When we got there, we stayed at Mount View Hotel. A very romantic place if you like to go Honeymoon and sweet escape like us. I really like the hotel. When we opened the windows, we can see the mountains right up there. So beautiful! The type of the hotel is Ryokan. It means looks like a traditional Japan house. We tried the Onsen. And it was so nice and hot. My cheeks turned to red like a lobster! The favorite thing is, this place was so comfort. Feels like home. Because we can play ping pong, sitting in a lobby and wifing, and took some drinks and ice creams from the fanding machine. Too bad we only stayed one night.

Day 5 (26 March 2014) :

On tomorrow morning, we checked out and ready to go to Kyoto. But before that, we went to Le Petit Musee. Or we used to known as a Little Prince. Yes, that little prince from the book. The museum was nice, and it has an European style.
We went to Kyoto by bus, again! And we stayed at Kyoto Inn Hotel there. When we got there, we felt really tired. So we decided to stayed in a room for a while. About 7 pm, we planned to go to Bamboo groove. But people used to called it “The path of Bamboo”. We asked the receptionist about that place, and he said that the place is open 24 hours. We just have to take a subway to go there. Soooo, we decided to go there even it’s a little bit raining and cold. We took a subway, then changed into Trem. We we got to the Arashiyama, we tried to find this bamboo place. We asked some guy in the street, and he said “The bamboo place is right over there!”.
When we went there, all we found were just darks, trees and a little bit spooky aura. I was kinda scared, so I told Krishna to comeback there in tomorrow morning.
So, we got back to that place by tomorrow morning. And the place was absolutely beautiful. So many bamboos. Highs of bamboos. And also Sakura. We went to Tenriuji Temple that has a huge park with so many seats to sit. It’s raining but we still went there with happiness. After we got back from Arashiyama, we had a walked. Then we went to the Manga Museum and also Kyoto Imperial Palace. We got there until 5 pm, then we decided to got back to the hotel by walked again! A very long walked actually (about an hours). Oh, but before that, we went to this CD store. Than I found The Beatles interviewed DVD and No Doubt first album. So yes, I bought them!!

Day 6 (27 March 2014) :

The last day at Kyoto, because we must go back to Tokyo again. We’re going back to Jakarta on 29 March, from Haneda Airport in Tokyo. So that’s why, we got back to Tokyo.
When we got there, we stayed at Toyoko Inn hotel. We’re just walking around the hotel. Because we were too tired to do something. Zzz..

Day 7 (28 March 2014) :

We went back to Akihabara. Because Krishna still want to buy some toys (whoops!). Krishna and I went to different shop. He went to Mandarake to buy some toys, while I went to Don Quijotte, to buy some chocolates, make ups, soaps, nail polish, etc. It’s like I want to buy everything in this place! We stayed here until late, so we decided to had dinner at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Hehe.
When we got back to the hotel, it’s time for us to packing. Because tomorrow we will going back to Jakarta. Sigh!

Day 8 (29 March 2014) :

We checked out, the going to Haneda Airport by subway. Our flight was at 16.45 (Japan time). When we got to Haneda Aiport, we’re just looking around looking looking around, until I realized I still going crazy to buy soaps and other cute things.
Now, it’s time for us to end this honeymoon, huhuuuu. We really enjoy the time at Japan, so we promise that soon we will back there.
We took off at 16.45 pm, and arrived at 21.05 pm to Hongkong first. Yes, we transit for 1 night here. We slept at the airport, because tomorrow morning at 09.45 am, we will flying back to Jakarta.

What we like about Japan is the people who always smile and helpful, the views with traditional things, the pop culture, the foods and the sweets with cute packaging, the traffic which we did not find any chaos traffic. We will back here soon. Because Japan is one of our favorite place in our ‘Love Journey’ list. See you soon, Japan! :)

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