Thursday, April 24, 2014

12 hours in a childlike world!

On last weekend Krishna and I went to Singapore for 2 days. Well, ya know, it's like a 2nd honeymoon for us. And yeah off course, we really wanna go to Universal Studio Singapore. I've been there before for two times. So it means, now, I already went there for three times. Says who it's only for kids?? Haha, we all an old people will be a more childlike in there. Especially when you go to Madagascar, Shrek, and the new one is (Sesame Street) Spaghetti Space Chase. We went there on 10 am until 8 pm. We even went to the Transformers simulation ride for 2 times! I think Transformers is my 1st favorite ride on my list, and then Jurrasic Park on 2nd, then Canopy Flyers on the 3rd. 

We really happy travelling and looking for places anytime. I hope soon, we will complete our list in our "Love Journey". Amen :)

"I do have a childlike enthusiasm at times. I certainly enjoy life and get pleasure sometimes in childish things" - Brian Baumgartner -

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