Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Yeah!

Yup, entering the year of 2013. It means another chapter and another wishes (or still the same wishes, but haven't came true yet). For example, I changed my blog theme. And I also will change a little bit here and a little bit there.
My New Year's Eve was great. I spent it with my family, and we stayed at Harris Hotel Suite, FX Sudirman. It's quite uncomplete, because I spent the end of 2012 without Krishna. He was at Eco Bar, Kemang, had performed with Neurotic band. I kinda sad, because I feel like we supposed to be together and spent it with laugh. But nevermind then.
20 minutes before entering 2013, me and my dad walked by Sudirman street just to see the fireworks at Universitas Atmajaya. We planed to go to Bunderan HI, but then we changed our mind. We exhausted and decided to go back to Hotel. I tried to called and BBM-ed Krishna and wanna say "Happy New Year", but unfortunately the signal was so bad. About 12.40 am, I decided to go back to the room. Then suddenly, Krisha BBM-ed me :
And I was like "Whatttttt??" Haha, suprised suprised! He came by with Chiara, Jimmy, Pandu, Arum and Dimust. I was soooo happy, and I hugged him tighted!! They went by for about an hour. But it really makes my heart happy. My New Year's Eve was a blast! I spent it with my family, boyfriend and friends. What more can I want?
Thank you so much you already gave me such a beautiful and warmth people around me. On this 2013, I hope all of my wish will come true. And I hope I can be a much better person. Amen.
Happy New Year 2013 everyone! :)


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