Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Calais Tea & Coffee

I think Calais Tea & Coffee is one of the coolest place to hang out with. This bubble tea drink has a very unique style, flavor and icon. The icon is mustache. Seems like a Charlie Chaplin's mustache. I like the way they served the cup, with a blank side on the back. You can write a quote or some words if you like.The price is also cheap. Only IDR 18.000 for Regular, and IDR 21.000 for Large. And it'll cost IDR 3.000 if you want to add one toping.

The Icon

The menu

You can write a quote

Lychee tea & Honeeydew Milk Tea

My favorite is Honeydew Milk Tea with Pink Bubble

(four of these pictures was taken from Google)

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