Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy 6 months

Today is our 6th months anniversary (Krishna and me), that means it's a half year we spent the time together with lotta love. Also in a further. I just cannot say anything except, I love him more and more each day (for a thousand times I always say this). I can't imagine if he's not around me. But I sure can imagine if he always around me, spend our time with love and laughs. With our plans and our dreams. Really can't wait :)
But poor Krisha, he got this stomach ache from last Friday, and it's really hurt I can tell. So that's why we can't celebrate our anniversary. But it's okay then. The most important thing is, Krisha will much healthier and stronger. So I can see his smile and hear his laughs again. I really miss him, and I wanna hug him always.
I love you Krishna. Happy "a half year". Let's make our dream come true, soon! :)

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