Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm happy

You know what, everyone says that If you're in love, you feel there's a butterflies in your stomach. That's totally true! I am so in love right now and lately, and I really feel those butterflies always kept my stomach so wacko. I feel in a very good vibrate and a warm heart. Everything's around me are beautiful. Especially when he's around me.

A week passed by, but I can still remember that night. The night when he asked me that question. Before he go on stage, we saw Pure Saturday performance. Then in the middle of one of the song, he grabbed me gently, and whispered to my ear, whether I want to be his girlfriend or not. *blushing blushing*. I think that was the most romantic night I've had. Sweet moment. And the funny thing was, when he went on stage, Jimy, the vocalist, mentioned to the audience that their keyboardist is officially having a girlfriend. Haha I think that was so funny!

I think Krishna and I really can be a great couple. I'm sure that. And all I know is, that I am so thankful because I have the sweetest guy in my life. Well, he's not Chris Carrabba, he's not Adam Levine, he's not Ryan Gossling. But he's my guy. And I love him, because he's special to me :)


Anonymous said...

I Love you Ovi, jadi terharu nih aku bacanya ;)

ovi siregar said...

Love you Krishna :)

ovi siregar said...
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