Friday, April 7, 2017

Welcome Back, Michelle Branch!

So, I had a crush on this girl since the day I saw her video "Everywhere" for the first time on MTV. Back on that day, she was really young. I think she was about 16 or somethin'. With her guitar and her skill, wrote almost all of her songs.

I remember at that moment, I also play guitar in my band. And I remember, one of my brothers friend told me that I looked like Michelle Branch. Teehee..

Well maybe because we play guitar, had a long black hair, and had a chubby cheek. And for your information, Michelle has this Indonesian (Java) blood from her grandma. No wonder she's so Asian. 

For me, Michelle's songs are good. She has this power of lyrics such as a diary for her. About her brokenhearted relationship, about her life perspective and about love. Simple yet easy listening. Bring back the memories at that time, though.

From "The Spirit Room" album, I like "Everywhere", "All You Wanted", "Goodbye To You",  and "Misery". From the "Hotel Paper" album, I loooove "Are You Happy Now?", "It's You", "Finding My Way Back", "Tuesday Morning", and "One Of These Days". Phew, loats huh?!

And now she's back with her new album called "Hopeless Romantic" which just lauched yesterday. I already heard the song and I think it's more dark and a little bit have this 80's guitar sound. Great! 

So now, after 14 years since her first album came, all I can say "Welcome back, Michelle Branch!"

I hope she will come to Jakarta again, soon ❤

Girl With An Attitude

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