Friday, April 21, 2017

Bring the parents abroad

I was wondering, I really love travelling a lot. Like a lottt!!! Thank Goodness, I already went to Singapore (3rd times!!), Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan (even though for my honeymoon). But still, I really wanna go with my parents. I mean, yeah there was a time when I can go to Medan with my parents. And I paid for all the flights. I was very proud, then.

So, maybe someday, soon, I can bring my parents abroad with my own money. Well, FYI, my parents used to leaving abroad. They've had lived on Malaysia for 2 years, then England for 4 years, and Iowa, America for 2 years. And they did it way before the children was born. They had so many experiences. And I'm proud with that ☺

Yeah, hopefully I can take them go to somewhere place. Maybe Singapore? Or America to bring back the memories we used to have? 

Fingers crossed!  

Girl With An Attitude

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